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Communication Tools: Communication Styles, Transparency, Below Ten

The following clips come from Taken from a plenary presentation given by Dr Stavros Prineas on Communication and Patient Safety at the 5th Canadian Healthcare Safety Symposium held in Calgary in October 2005. Just click on any link or image to play a clip in a new window.

Intro: It Ain't What You Do, It's The Way That You Do It


Stavros offers a novel approach to defining human factors.

Communication Styles (The Qantas/ErroMed Model)


A model for categorising workplace communication styles derived from aviation. This has been adapted and refined for healthcare training by ErroMed since 2000. The four styles (aggressive, assertive, cooperative and submissive) are described and analysed.  

Transparent Communication or 'Flying by Mouth'


A communication tool of routinely articulating one's intentions in advance.

'Below Ten' Communication


Stavros describes the rationale for 'Below Ten Rule', a tool developed for healthcare and taught by ErroMed, as a variation of the 'Sterile Cockpit Rule' used in aviation.

Babelisation in Healthcare Communication


How miscommunications occur when doctors refer to patients by diagnosis or body part, and nurses refer to patients by bed number.

A video dramatisation, The Caesar in Bed 12, is used in this presentation to highlight communication issues in healthcare. 

The following clip comes from Bertha's Fall : 

Communication Styles


A detailed description of these and other safety-critical communication tools can be found in The Handbook of Communication in Anaesthesia and Critical Care (2011 - Oxford University Press - ISBN 978-0-19-957728-6).