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Videos for Purchase

    The Caesar in Bed 12


This DVD training package dramatises an obstetric adverse event that results from a chain of communication errors. Exploring the theories of James Reason and Charles Perrow in a healthcare context, the Facilitators' Guide (included) looks at a number of practical communication tools and challenges, including:

  • Communication Styles

  • Graded Assertiveness (4-level model)

  • Transparent Communication

  • Specific-Directed-Acknowledged Communication

  • The Babelisation of Healthcare Communication

    Price 175 AUD + taxes. Includes shipping (by airmail) worldwide

(2004 - duration 15 minutes - with Facilitators' Guide - ISBN 9-7809757478-1-0)

   Bertha's Fall


Made in collaboration with Capital Health Alberta, Bertha's Fall is an interactive dramatisation of events surrounding the fall of a resident in an aged care facility. Stavros Prineas provides commentary as various communication tools are explored, including:

  • SBAR 


  • Graded Assertiveness (4-level model)

  • Structured Orientation.

    Price (includes taxes and shipping): $175 AU 

(2007 - duration 45+ minutes -  with Facilitators' Guide -  ISBN 9-7809757478-2-7)

Both DVDs are available in PAL or NTSC format. 

For special orders (e.g. multiple copies, registered/express international post etc.) please email us. 

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