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Company Profile

ErroMed is an organisation whose aim is to make human factors training an integral part of health care worker training everywhere.

ErroMed was founded in 2000 by a group of four specialist doctors (colorectal surgeon John Cartmill, anaesthetists Richard Morris and Stavros Prineas and gastroenterologist Daryl MacKemder), professor of communication psychology Stewart Dunn and former professional B747 captain and aviation CRM trainer Don Wynne. The collobaration arose from an original idea by John Cartmill which led to two successful pilot workshops in 1997 and 1999.

The core faculty developed a two-day course which enjoyed significant success in NSW. In 2002 a series of pilot courses in Queensland led to a state-wide train-the-presenter initiative which became known as the Human Error and Patient Safety (HEAPS) programme. Similar programmes have since been launched in Quebec (2006 – in French), Western Australia (2009) and Northern Territory (2009). Trainer programmes have also been delivered to private sector interests in Queensland and New South Wales.

ErroMed has continued to run workshops not only across Australia but also in the UK, Canada and Italy.

In 2004 Stavros Prineas succeeded John Cartmill as Chairman and CEO.

In 2005 HEAPS underwent significant revision in both content and delivery format, and again in 2009. ErroMed is committed to keeping up with the latest literature and educational trends, the pace of which will no doubt require even more regular updates in the future.

ErroMed conducts evaluations at the end of every course. Qualitative evaluation comments are available on this site. Quantitative evaluation data are available upon request.

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