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ErroMed has collected evaluation data from over 95% of 2-day courses run over the last 10 years.  The following is a selection of comments from qualitative evaluations of 2-Day or 1-Day HEAPS courses and (where indicated) 4-hour modules:



[I liked] bringing doctors, nurses, practicing senior clinicians and medical students together to share their experiences and learn from each other that we all make mistakes - perhaps we view it differently from the male/female doctor/ nurse perspective – it’s like the lights have come on and the support is there for each other.


The workshop provided a lot of food for thought and should be incorporated into all future programs.


I was fascinated by the description and analysis of various air crash scenarios. It was refreshing to relate the course to something non-medical.  


Very informative, plenty of examples and transferable principles.


The last [non-ErroMed] course I attended I left feeling demotivated… on leaving today I feel very motivated- I believe that if everyone round the room succeeds in their homework projects [it] will be much safer at [my] Hospital 


The course content, to me, was well thought out, well sequenced and relevant.


[I liked] meeting clinicians who seemed genuinely enthusiastic about teaching adverse events.


Has given me a better understanding re assertive behaviour [and] teamwork, which can be used in working and personal life.  


[I liked] their Do as I do – not do as I say attitude illustrated well by their teamwork in presenting all aspects of the course.


This course is unique and original, I very much enjoyed its content and interest, well done to all concerned – speakers were very good.


All the lectures are relevant and very useful for my work. I have learned a lot from this course and I will be applying what I’ve learned back to my workplace.



To change culture you need a blueprint, a guide which all can understand. This is a great start.  


...concept is excellent and should be driven from the top down...


Practical real world examples applicable with practical suggestions to improve safety


The interactive components seemed to be placed just at the right time and were really helpful in demonstrating concepts  


I have found the entire day useful - it reminded me of all the things we do well and has given me useful skills to take back  


absolutely brilliant. What a great way to show what goes on in every workplace (and everywhere else)...


This entire session was so wonderful, informative and educational. Thank you. (Open Disclosure Module)


Excellent workshop; audience interaction great; loved [the] facilitation style (Open Disclosure Module)


Fabulous. (Open Disclosure Module)


Thank you – this was very interesting and ‘meaty’ – we can actually use this information and put it into practice (Situation Awareness Module)


S.A. can be used in everyday life – in management, active care and home life (Situation Awareness Module)


All the information was helpful, not only in a clinical situation but even in a manager’s role (Situation Awareness Module)


The mixed approaches of learning were great – good ed. strategy!! (Teamwork Module)


Presenter knew his content, comfortable in his role as facilitator



Affirms that what I am doing already is worthwhile; gives a new fresh and thorough approach to incident investigation; gives me a good strategy for dealing with difficult situations and to teach my staff e.g. Graded assertion 


 ...achieved my objective – investigations in a structured systems way 


…second time around - I have learned some new concepts I didn’t identify second time around. I loved the buzz [of] my colleagues and feel very positive that by the end of the year we will be much better at looking at incidents and developing good systems [to] minimise harm. 


This course was one of the very best in terms of content, presentations and relevance I have ever attended – Graduated 1977 


Dynamic course, kept on track, interesting presenters; presenters were interested in you personally and valued you and your experience; great examples of concepts to medical and nursing issues 


Fantastic content, extremely well presented; very passionate, credible presenters, great diversity of content and media; Great pace, well executed 


[I liked the] teamwork activities to drive home importance of certain issues and relevant factors; delivered by speakers with enthusiasm which is definitely contagious… content was very interesting, useful and potentially ground-breaking for the industry 


Well paced and varied delivery: I liked the mix of presentation, video, discussion and activity 


Such an innovative presentation – challenges the way we think and our paradigms; excellent to have issues and examples other than health care 


led by doctors and doctors attending – in all my experience many things have been tried in the hospital system and the end result is that everyone else changes but NOT the doctors! By the workshop led by them and being very relevant for them this time they hopefully will lead the change. 


The presenters were knowledgeable, passionate about the subject – [with] a working knowledge of the area and able to make this highly relevant 


I was bullied into attending this course – I’m glad I was 


I would love to be involved in HEAPS training in the future 


Thanks to Stavros for having the vision to pass on the knowledge and experience he has gained. You have been an inspiration and the clarity with how you have delivered what you have learned has been invaluable. 


Thank you so much for this excellent workshop and the use of your facility. Stavros was excellent, Jill T was great for her first workshop and the allocation of seating ensured an excellent spread of knowledge, professional input and participation 


[It’s] fabulous this need for knowledge in health is being addressed 


Extremely interactive and inclusive 


Well done – treading where others, thus far have feared to go. Reinforces my wishes to spread [it] throughout Health. Everyone [should be] aware of human errors and inter-professional respect 


The whole of the course was very interesting, particularly that content had been taken from [other fields] but made very relevant to multiple occupations. I will find it useful in whatever career direction I head 


Stavros is such an energetic, dynamic presenter it has been an awesome course 


The course has changed the way I think and will influence my nursing practice 


The open disclosure presentation was excellent, timely and relevant 


The interaction was fantastic, and the respect for all participants attending was wonderful 


...setting, process and content were overall excellent and rewarding 


It empowered people to think about how they work and how they can change 


I see ergonomics differently now! Much more helpful 


I have gone to lots of courses and this one has lots of info which is so refreshingly different – drawing on aviation industry etc. Excellent, well done 


Made me take a look at my current practice and help[ed] me identify how I could improve my performance – gave strategies to implement 


Great to be part of a mixed discipline group i.e. Doctors / Nursing / Quality / Other disciplnes 


Stavros was brilliant. He definitely has outstanding skills as an educator and communicator.



Aggregate quantitative data is available on request ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

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